Josh Steffen And Are Seeking Talented People


Welcome to, the new website by Josh Steffen.

What is, you might ask? This site is an online media outlet that plans to establish itself as a premier drumming community, educational portal, and your first chair connection to the latest in drumming techniques, news, and gear, a place for Josh Steffen to impart his masterful drumming knowledge upon the world.

Our plan is to build a solid team who are looking to work together to take a shot at creating something amazing and take this idea as far as it can possibly go.

We are looking for the following:

1. Web designer who has experience with front and back end design for e-commerce and online media sites, that has experience with building a maintaining online forums. (We have a backup software engineer who works for Facebook that is donating some time but he’s very busy so we need a few others to pitch in as well)

2. Two experienced online drum instructors to create various instructional and promotional videos, which will be featured by the website, that will in turn be fed by the traffic from his YouTube channel with 150,000 subscribers, and 26 million views.

3. Writer/editors who are interested in writing articles about drums, drummers, gear reviews, and conduct interviews with various drummers, and drum personalities. (Writing sample required)

4.  Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group, forum, and website admins.

5.  Video editors, filmmakers, from all parts of the US and the rest of the world are encouraged to submit resumes for future consideration, for upcoming interview projects.

6.  Graphic designers, and animators are encouraged to submit portfolios for future consideration.

If you are interested, please send a message to steffenwebsite (AT ) outlook (Dot) com for consideration and more information.

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