Matthew Berdyck Interviews Josh Steffen

Matthew Berdyck interviews Josh Steffen is a simple rock n roll film about heavy metal drummer named Josh Steffen, a guy who started playing drums on YouTube and ended up with 26,000,000 views, and tens of thousands of fans, that’s built a solid reputation for being a bad ass drummer.

Matthew Berdyck is an American filmmaker who’s created a  solicited TV show for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, made a music video for Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) and Rod Morgenstein, and is the founder of the EPA watch dog group

The two got together for a few days in Peshtigo, Wisconsin to talk about Josh’s career as a drummer, his subsequent YouTube success, tour offers from rock stars, Lars Ulrich from Metallica, and the rest is rock n roll history

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    1. Thank you. I was just talking with Josh, today, about making a director’s cut, one that has better audio. I was on the road when I made this film. I had to edit it in a hotel room, if you can believe that! Now that I am home and in my studio I can work on improving it and expanding the interview sections.

  1. I’m impressed that you managed to get that out from a hotel room! Looking forward to the director’s cut. 🙂

    1. It was crazy. After I filmed this I went to like fifteen different states, dragging around a small studio, and my kitty, from hotel room to hotel room. Now that I am home and I built a bigger and better studio, I can do a lot more, and have more time to make this thing even better. Thanks for all your support!!

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